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Granulated Caustic Soda
Granulated Caustic Soda is manufactured from soda lye under a Swiss license from BERTRAMS. Owing to its parameters, it is convenient for bulk shipments and transport. It is also safer and more hygienic in handling:
• low hygroscopicity (spherical shape gives the smallest surface per unit of weight),
• low caking tendency (the smallest surface per unit of weight reduces the contact between particles to a minimum thus reducing the possibility of agglomeration),
• low dustability (spherical shape is resistant to crushing, does not crack or break as a result of vibration during transport);
• high internal strength (minimized occurrence of chippings),
• low chute angle (the products travels along the surface by itself without being pushed out),
• very good water solubility (homogeneous mixture).
Packaging and transportation:
• Granulated caustic soda is available in bags of 25 kg and in the so-called big-bags of 1000kg.
• Granulated caustic soda transportation is subject to ADR and RID regulations.
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