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Anwipor® sheets
The Anwipor® sheets are produced by the use of both free foam formation and extrusion method. They do not include dangerous substances for health and environment.
The sheet production is based on the Quality Management System EN ISO 9001 (TUV Cert).
Anwipor® sheets are characteristic of the high quality surface. Due to the attribute thay are suitable for printing, lacquering and foilling. Easy to machining with the most common tools which are used in woodworking.
Low real thickness, minimal water absorbing, good insulating power, flexibility for heat treatment, resistance for the weather and chemical compounds cause that Anwipor® sheets are applicable in many fields.
Applications of Anwipor® sheets
Advertising section:
  • sign-boards
  • notice-boards
  • shop-window decorations
  • stands construction
  • letters and spaces structures etc.
Building industry section:
  • joinery fillings
  • cellings
  • rollcassettes construction
  • division walls
  • covering in a damp space
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