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Rigid Technical PVC Compounds
Very good extrusion moulding using both one-screw extruder and two-screw extruder, high efficency and good mechanical parameters make hard technical compounds from ANWIL SA a good material for all kind of profiles and mouldings. When producing eletroinstallation systems rigid injection moulding compound seems to be indispensable.
The basic division of Rigid Technical PVC Compounds
  • PCV rigid technical compounds for buliding profiles
  • PCV rigid technical compounds for furniture edges
  • PCV rigid foamed compounds
  • PCV rigid injection moulding compounds
Range of usage and possible applications:
For electrotechnology:
  • cable ducts
  • electro-installation pipes
  • pipe fittings
  • change-over, casing
  • sockets and plugs
For building industry:
  • window profiles
  • wall panells, ceiling panels
  • tile boards
  • skirting boards (rigit and foamed)
  • strips for window and floor woodwork (rigit and foamed)
  • roller blind panels
  • pipes for drinking water
  • fencing elements
  • fittings and valve elements
For furniture industy:
  • edges and strips
  • furniture profiles (rigid and foamed)
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