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2012   PKN ORLEN S.A. acquires 100% stockholding in ANWIL S.A.
2011   A contract is concluded with UHDE from Germany for construction of a new chlorine condensation installation.
•         PKN ORLEN S.A. stockholding in ANWIL S.A. increased up to 94.50 % (through an acquisition of bearer stocks from ENERGA S.A).
•         Start-up of a modern oxygen generating plant constructed under an American licence from AMCS, producing argon and gaseous and liquid oxygen and nitrogen.
•          Ammonia Plant Control Room modernization ended.
2010    The corporate name is changed to ANWIL Spółka Akcyjna; a new "ANWIL S.A. organizational structure model" is adopted.
2010 - 2008 A takeover of Spolana a.s., a Czech company seated in Neratovice.
2006  Chlorine and soda lye production plant expansion ended and production technology changed to membrane technology (ANWIL is the only Polish company and among the few companies in East-Central Europe using this state-of-the-art method).
2002 A contract is concluded for construction of a production facility for PET granulated products (joint-venture with companies from SK Group from South Korea).
1999 - 2003 Expansion and revamping of vinyl chloride and PVC installation, construction of a new production line for nitro-chalk and one of the most modern Polish installations for recovery of hydrogen chloride from chloroorganic waste, modernization of water and waste-water management within the facility.
1998 The corporate name is changed to ANWIL S.A.
1993 The company is transformed into a sole-shareholder company of the State Treasury.
1989 - 1992 Construction and start-up of a granulated PVC compound products production plant.
1976 - 1985 Construction of a PVC installation and a new heat and power station.
1971 - 1972 Production lines are started for ammonium nitrate, nitric acid and ammonia.
1966 A decision is taken to start the construction of Zakłady Azotowe „Włocławek”

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