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ANWIL S.A. offer

ANWIL S.A. is the biggest producer of PVC in Poland and the leading producer of nitrogenous fertilizers. We also manufacture cable PVC compounds, dry blends based on PVC as well as caustic soda, soda lye and other chemicals.

We can propose investing grounds with proper technical infrastructure to potential investors. Those grounds are suitable for location of industrial and logistic activity and especially for construction of chemical and plastics processing factories, waste disposal plants and factories of related branches. Investment offer refers not only to industrial areas inside the factory but to spare ones outside as well. The total offered area covers 150 ha.

Advantages of the offer: location regulated legal status of the land and stabile condition of our company. We are also experienced in such projects as we performed the similar ones with such companies as ACP (Belgium) www.acpco2.com and Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (Indonesia) www.indorama.net which located their plants on the grounds of ANWIL S.A.

The grounds concerned are placed in distance of 6 km from urban areas. They adjoin directly to state road no. 1 as well as railway siding of ANWIL SA. The railway enables to deliver semi products and chemical raw materials (from seaports of Gdańsk and Gdynia and from Górny Śląsk) to Włocławek . Designed North-South highway is to be run in distance of about 10 km from the seat of our Company.

To the offered grounds located outside the fence we will provide the connections of all necessary utilities and sewage system up to the clients battery limit. We can also supply the raw materials such as: ammonia, natural gas, liquid chlorine, soda lye and others as well as our own final products as: nitrogenous fertilizers, PVC suspension, PVC compounds an dry blends based on PVC and polyethylene foil products.

There is also a possibility to collect industrial inorganic and organic waste water, utilize liquid and gaseous organic wastes as well as to store solid wastes.

The potential investors factory will be in a position to concentrate the activity on its core business exclusively since all the services including the laboratory analysis can be subcontracted to the specialized companies existing within the site premises (see link to service companies). The scope of services offered by these companies is as follows:

  • maintenance works in all branches, i.e. mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & computers, etc. (round the clock service);
  • laboratory analysis according to the most modern methods;
  • transport & logistics (car and railway);
  • crane service;
  • security and healthcare;
  • engineering work (design) and environment protection matters;
  • housekeeping and catering;
  • others;

We are experienced in the management of complex investments projects. ANWIL SA declares the possibility of participation in some projects as the financial partner (shareholder). Additionally ANWILs staff experienced in the execution of multimillion investment projects is able to provide any necessary assistance at the stage of formalities as well as during construction, on the basis of relevant agreement.

Partners interested are requested to contact:
Mr. Stanisław Duraj
Office Manager
Strategy and Development Office
tel. +48/54/414 32 20
fax +48/54/414 36 26
e-mail: stanislaw.duraj@anwil.pl


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