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Information about Włocławek

Włocławek is the capital of Kujawy region. It is located in the south-east part of Kujawy-Pomerania province. The population is over 120,000 inhabitants. International road no. 1 from Gdańsk to Łódź, which forks in the direction of Płock (road no.62), crosses Włocławek. Włocławek is situated very close to such industrial and town centres as Warszawa, Łódź, Toruń, Płock, Konin, Bydgoszcz.

Chemical industry is the leading sector, and the largest company is ANWIL SA (formerly Zakłady Azotowe "Włocławek" S.A.). The significant company is NOBILES paint and varnish producer, owned by Swedish AKZO-Nobel company. It is the biggest company with foreign capital (in general there are over 60 companies of such kind existing in the town). Farm products and food processing is the second-largest industry; such companies include Delecta S.A., Garden S.A. and RUN Chłodnia. The modern Drumet SA wire and cable works company and Kujawska Fabryka Manometrów SA, a pressure gauge producer, represent factories in the third-largest sector, metal and engineering. In the past, Włocławek was famous for its faience and china. Today, Fabryka Porcelany, a china producer continues the tradition.

Włocławek has got the proper facilities for business, and is home to many business organizations.

There are 15 bank branches. In the recent years, higher education has also developed. The town is home to the private Academy of the Humanities and Business, the branch of Łódź Technical Academy and State High Technical School.

The most serious problem facing Włocławek authorities is unemployment, currently at the rate of 20 percent.

The city, however, with its good location in the centre of Poland, experienced technical staff and underutilized producer facilities, is an attractive investment location both for Polish and foreign investors.

Interested parties are invited to contact:
Mr Paweł Osiński
Chief Department of Enterprise & Economy Promotion
Włocławek City Hall
11/13 Zielony Rynek
87-800 Włocławek
tel. +48 54 414-42-70,
e-mail: edz@um.wloclawek.pl

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