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It is the most universal nitrogen fertilizer suitable for all plants and all types of soil. The water-soluble nitrate gives a quick effect providing plants with nitrogen and magnesium. Nitrogen comes in two forms: one giving immediate effects (nitrate) and one released over a longer period of time after sowing (ammonium). Such a combination provides for a maximum supply of nitrogen to plants, irrespective of the soil conditions and the cultivation technologies used. The magnesium enhancing Anvistar, being an element crucial for plant growth and development, encourages tissue formation and metabolism. In order to ensure the greatest effectiveness on alkaline and recently limed soils, it is recommended to mix ammonium nitrate with soil.
Adventages of Anvistar:
• improves the yield and its quality (grain plumpness, extended growing season, increased weight of the shoot),
• increases the content and quality of aminoacids and proteins in the plant and improves the technological value of yield.
• hygroscopic substance, easily soluble in water,
• oxidizing compound, decomposes at temperatures above 180oC,
• form: white or cream granules of 1-3.15mm (in min. 96% content),
• total nitrogen content: 34.0 +/-0.6%,
• available packaging: 50kg and 500kg.
Additional advantages:
• magnesium content in each granule,
• very low water content,
• resistant to caking,
• excellent homogenous granulation enhancing uniform sowing.
• clean and dry warehouses, secured against humidity penetration,
• secured against water and precipitation impact, mechanical damages to packaging and heating above 30oC,
• no smoking or open flame use,
• well-secured electrical wiring,
• avoid storing together with any flammable materials or materials likely to react with saltpetre (e.g. pesticides, metal oxides, acids, powdered metals, coal, wood, sawdust, straw, engine fuels and lubricants, oils),
• max. 300 ton of saltpetre per room,
• bags up to 50kg stored on non-flammable ground in max. 12 layers per stack, at least 1.5m away from heat sources and 0.2m from warehouse walls,
• bags up to 500kg stored in maximum two layers.
Transportation of Anvistar is not subject to ADR/RID regulations (a certificate of the Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry in Warsaw).
Detailed information about Anvistar transportation can be found HERE Documents:
Instrukcja Transportowa - saletra amonowa,Eng.pdf Transportation instruction + safe handling of saltpetre in transit
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