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CANWIL with magnesium
It is a universal nitrogen fertilizer ensuring high yield of excellent quality. It is suitable for cultivation of all plants, on all types of soil, especially sour soil, for preplant and top-dressing application (after mixing with soil or before expected rainfall).
This nitro-chalk is composed of a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fine-grained dolomite filling material with an addition of anti-caking agents, which provide an excellent protection for the granules against agglomeration during storage. The fertilizer is inactive, well soluble in water and does not acidify the soil. Its excellent granulation facilitates uniform sowing.
The magnesium contained in CANWIL is an indispensable element necessary for plant development and growth. It influences plant tissue growth and metabolism. Calcium is good for soil reaction and improves air/water ratio in soil.
The very high quality of the fertilizer is confirmed by a Q high quality certificate from the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.


• nitrogen content as the total of ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen: 27.0 (-0.8%)
• magnesium content, converted into MgO: 4.0 (-0.9%)
• content of granules of 1mm – 6,3mm, at least: 96%
 water content, not more than: 0.8%

Additional information

• calcium content (as calcium carbonate) converted into CaO is ca. 6.5%
• available in bulk and bags 

• do not store under umbrella roof and on storage yards (due to low resistance of the fertilizer to direct impact of solar radiation, precipitation, and temperature fluctuation),
• fertilizer stored in bulk needs to be protected against penetration of humidity from the atmosphere (e.g. with the use of polyethylene film).
Transportation of CANWIL with magnesium is not subject to any special strict transportation regulations (nitrogen content below 28%).

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