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1200 students from secondary agricultural schools track down myths


ANWIL has prepared an original educational programme Trackers of Myths. The leading producer of mineral fertilizers in Poland wants to support secondary agricultural schools in preparation of future farmers to apply efficient non-organic fertilizers.

In October the first edition of the educational programme Trackers of Myths started. It will include 45 secondary agricultural schools in whole Poland.

- We are convinced that thanks to these classes students will gain knowledge which will enable them to apply well-considered and efficient methods of using nitrogenous fertilizers. Ultimately we wish students from all secondary schools with agricultural profile in the country participated in classes prepared by us. As a socially responsible company we take a number of actions aimed e.g. at increasing the level of education in Poland. The Trackers of Myths programme is to be our contribution to complementation of knowledge by adding elements of practical applications. - emphasises Mirosław Kwiatkowski, Member of the Management Board of ANWIL.

Statistics show that in Poland use of mineral fertilizers remains at a constant level which is, however, far lower than e.g. in Germany, Belgium or France. To a large degree this is a result of incomplete knowledge about advantages of using this method of production of plants and myths which have arisen around it. The Trackers of Myths programme prepared by ANWIL in cooperation with the National Agricultural Education Centre verifies them, based on the most up-to-date scientific achievements, however in an approachable way full of humour.

The form of classes is based on edutainment methodology, emphasising the role of entertainment in the process of learning. Lessons are given by two persons: expert on fertilising and a person performing a function of an opponent who enter into mutual interactions. The teachers speak a language of young generation, thanks to which students learn quicker and more willingly engage in an analysis of myths. Lessons, supported by interesting didactic materials, become at the same time an adventure to students during which they acquire significant issues connected with use of mineral fertilizers.


Trackers of Myths is an original educational programme of ANWIL.
ANWIL is a leading company from the sector of the Great Chemical Synthesis in Poland. The only producer of polyvinyl chloride in the country and a significant producer of nitrogenous fertilizers, applied by 95 % of farmers in Europe.
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