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20 years have passed - the jubilee Conference of the Plastics Area of ANWIL


In 1995 ANWIL for the first time invited its business partners to take part in the conference on PVC. From that time the symposium organised by the company from Włocławek has been forming an integral part of the calendar of national events concerning the role of the plastics processing sector in development of the Polish economy.

In this year’s conference which was held on 30.09 - 02.10.2015 in Arłamów apart from representatives of the organiser e.g. the following took part in it: laureate of Nobel Peace Prize former President of Poland - Lech Wałęsa, Mirza Kadic, Business Development Director of the company: ChemOrbis and Piotr Chełmiński, member of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

Mirosław Kwiatkowski, member of the Management Board of ANWIL, while welcoming participants of the conference emphasised that the company when drawing up a programme of annual meetings makes all efforts so that they will be not only attractive in substantive terms, but also be a source of inspiration. Therefore, he expressed special satisfaction with the fact that the invitation to the group of speakers has been accepted by Mirza Kadic, Business Development Director of the ChemOrbis company and Jacek Walkiewicz - personal development coach.

The official part of the conference was started by the President of the Management Board of ANWIL - Jacek Podgórski who in his speech accentuated the historically high levels of production achieved by the company in the first half-year of 2015. The President of the Management Board of ANWIL Jacek Podgórski indicated that achievements of last half-year are the result of our flexible and - what is most significant - efficient way of management in situation of rapid changes in the market environment, including limited accessibility of PVC materials - visible in last several months.

The President of the Management Board of ANWIL Jacek Podgórski put great emphasis in his speech on the role of staff members of ANWIL in achievement of market successes by the company underlining e.g. that operational perfection, innovations or performance of pro-social activities are possible thanks to our staff members. They are the greatest value of our company. Development of ANWIL is strengthened by their everyday involvement.

Piotr Chełmiński, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of ANWIL and member of the management board of PKN ORLEN also emphasised the role of people in functioning of the Capital Group as one of the corporate values of the ORLEN Group. While presenting the leading place of PKN ORLEN on the economic map of East-Central Europe he reminded the distance which has been covered by Poland for last 20 years and participation of the ORLEN Group in the process of modernising the country, which was illustrated by a film prepared by PKN ORLEN while summarising the last two decaded.

The issue of hitherto development, expansion and strategy of the ORLEN Group for further years was continued by Dariusz Ciesielski in his speech, Executive Director for Trade in Petrochemical Products of PKN ORLEN who also represented the place and importance of ANWIL in the ORLEN Group.

The 20th anniversary of meetings, falling on this year, organised by ANWIL was also a perfect opportunity to summarise cooperation between the company from Włocławek and its clients and to look at the distance covered by ANWIL within this time. Marek Kuchta, Director for Sale of Plastics in ANWIL, told participants of the conference about this, who also boasted of excellent results achieved by ANWIL in examination of clients’ satisfaction.

The meeting in Arłamów enabled its participants to become familiarised with changes occurring on the global market of polyvinyl chloride. Mirza Kadic, Business Development Director of the ChemOrbis company, presented an in-depth analysis of trends and development scenarios concerning demand for plastics.

The symposium also included an inspiring lecture given by a well-known speaker and coach - Jacek Walkiewicz who encouraged to achieve determined objectives both in professional and private life. Also Kuba Giermaziak, competitor in VERVA Racing Team, talked about consistency in action, who at the end invited to participate in the largest motorisation show of the season - VERVA Street Racing which is held at the National Stadium on 24 October 2015. 

Participants of the meeting, in a questionnaire assessing the event, expressed very positive opinions both on its substantive and organisational part. ​


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