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6 million tons of success


ANWIL produces its 6 millionth ton of PVC. The company manufactured another million tons of the product in its history in just 36 months. This means that the time required for the production — as compared with previous round tonnages — was shorter by as much as one-fourth.

ANWIL started the production of PVC on 8th March 1983. The first millionth ton left the installation eleven years later — in 1994. To manufacture the next million tons, it took only six years.

Since 2000, the PVC production line has been gradually modernised — this process took nearly nine years, and it enabled a substantial increase of efficiency which resulted, among others, in reduction of the time needed to produce further million tons of PVC.

ANWIL manufactured the third, fourth and fifth million of tons successively in 2004, 2008, 2012, which means that round numbers occurred every 48 months.

The commitment of employees, increase of production efficiency, and continuous improvement of operational availability of the installation made it possible for the company to produce the next, 6 millionth ton within only three years. 
Manufacturing of the 6 millionth ton in such a short time is a good forecast for the future and a nice way to mark the beginning of the jubilee of the company. In 2016, ANWIL celebrates its 50th anniversary. The past half of a century is the time of intense development of the company during which it won the trust of a group of loyal customers both at home and abroad. Today, ANWIL is one of key players on the European market of fertilisers and PVC, and is in the top 100 largest Polish enterprises.


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