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ANWIL S.A. with a gold medal of the IFA once again


The International Fertilizer Association has highly valued the company from Włocławek, forming part of ORLEN Group, for an active attitude and responsible impact exerted by it on the environs. ANWIL has already received this distinction for the second year in a row.

The organization granted the gold medal of the IFA, inter alia, for implementation of the international Product Stewardship program and promotion of the SHE Excellence (Safety, Health and Environment) idea. The activities, appreciated by the international association, are centred around on ensuring that produced fertilizers, as well as any and all raw materials, auxiliary materials and semi-finished products are processed, transported, stored, distributed and used in a way that is harmless to health and safety of humans and the natural environment.


- Solicitude for the highest quality, process safety and responsible approach to environmental issues in the production process are one of the supreme principles for us, which we comply with on a permanent basis. This is evidenced by actions taken up by us, and the gold IFA medal is a confirmation thereof. It is important to us, especially in the context of the performed investment - construction of the third fertilizer line. Soon, our production capacity will increase by half, and quality of newly offered fertilizers will be consistent with the highest standards pertaining to final product, as well as individual stages of its formation with respect for the environment in which we function - said Agnieszka Żyro, the President of ANWIL S.A. Management Board.

The chemical company from ORLEN Group became one of the members of the International Fertilizer Association in 2018. This organization unites firms dealing with production, trade, transport and distribution of fertilizers, raw materials and semi-finished products necessary for production thereof. They also include research, scientific and educational organizations, focused on issues related to plant production. The company from Włocławek is also a member of Fertilizers Europe (the European Association of Manufacturers of Fertilizers). Thanks membership in such international sector-specific organizations, ANWIL S.A. actively participates in discussions on the future of the global market of fertilizers, food safety & security, as well as educational actions connected with plant nutrition.​


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