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ANWIL a Heavyweight Sponsor


Being a company with a countrywide and European footprint, ANWIL optimises communications by aligning it to its ambitions, aspirations and objectives.

Pursuant to the sponsorship deal signed in March this year, ANWIL has become a strategic sponsor of the Polish Weightlifting Federation. This is the first project in the history of the Company that involves being a general sponsor of the national team.

“Sponsorship of the national team creates entirely new possibilities for ANWIL. We want our clients to associate ANWIL not only with top quality products and services but also with values such as ambition, strength, persistence, involvement and determination. To this end, we have purposefully selected weightlifting – a discipline Poland has had many great successes in with representatives competing at top level,” said Mr Krzysztof Wasielewski, President of the Management Board at ANWIL.

Conclusion of a sponsorship deal with ANWIL is also unprecedented for the Polish Weightlifting Federation. In the 90 years of its history, the Polish Weightlifting Federation has for the first time ever signed a general sponsorship deal with a Polish company. Pursuant to the contract, ANWIL will become a General Sponsor of the Polish Weightlifting National Team in all age groups.
“Starting co-operation with ANWIL is one of the most important decisions we have made in the past few years. We are excited to have signed a sponsorship deal with such a significant and recognisable sponsor as ANWIL. I trust that by co-operating with such a great sponsor we will be able to reach for gold in all age groups,” said Mr Szymon Kołecki, President of the Polish Weightlifting Federation.
The Polish national team for the European Weightlifting Championships includes 7 women: Marzena Karpińska (48 kg), Joanna Łochowska and Agata Grzegorek (58 kg), Patrycja Piechowiak (69 kg), Ewa Mizdal (75 kg) and Sabina Bagińska and Magdalena Pasko (75+ kg) and 8 men: Dominik Kozłowski (56 kg), Damian Wiśniewski (69 kg), Krzysztof Zwarycz (85 kg), Tomasz Zieliński and Adrian Zieliński (94 kg), Arkadiusz Michalski (105 kg) and Marcin Dołęga and Krzysztof Klicki (105+ kg).
As regards women, the most promising competitors are Marzena Karpińskia (48 kg), Joanna Łochowska (58 kg) and Ewa Mizdal (75 kg). Among men, the most accomplished sportsmen are the Olympic champion from London Adrian Zieliński (85 kg) and the three times world champion Marcin Dołęga (105 kg). Both decorated athletes are poised to reach top positions in the European Weightlifting Championships in Tel Aviv in the 94 and 105+ categories.
ANWIL Group is the only producer of polyvinyl chloride in Poland and the Czech Republic, the sixth top producer of the substance in Europe and the second top producer of nitrogen fertilisers in Poland. ANWIL Group’s product portfolio also includes PVC compounds and sheets as well as a variety of basic chemical raw materials (soda lye, caustic soda, ammonia, etc.). ANWIL Group reported sales of PLN 3.338bn and a net profit of PLN 213.49m for 2013.
The Polish Weightlifting Federation is one of the most successful sports federations in Poland. Representatives of Poland in this sport, both women and men, won 32 Olympic medals, 117 World Championship medals and 199 European Championship medals in the seniors category. Our junior representatives also won several medals and were very successful. The former champions Waldemar Baszanowski, Ireneusz Paliński, Zygmunt Smalcerz and many other great athletes were one of the most successful Polish sportsmen. Today, the legacy of former champions is continued by their successors: the Olympic champion from London Adrian Zieliński, the bronze Olympic medallist Bartłomiej Bonk and three times champion of the world Marcin Dołęga.
The Polish Weightlifting National Team and ANWIL will join forces for the first time for the European Championships, starting on 5 April 2014 in Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel.


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