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ANWIL becomes a class patron in the Chemical Vocational Schools in Włocławek


ANWIL and the Chemical Vocational Schools in Włocławek have concluded a cooperation agreement. Its signatories have declared willingness to undertake joint actions in order to shape curricula that will meet the staffing needs of the company. Thus, ANWIL will extend patronage over a class with a "chemical technology technician" programme.

Establishing patronage classes in cooperation with production companies is becoming increasingly popular in vocational schools, as can be seen from the recent data provided by the Ministry of Economy. More and more frequently, finding successors of specialists that are retiring constitutes a challenge for companies, which attempt to handle this situation exactly by establishing patronage classes. ANWIL has also decided to follow this path. The company has established formal cooperation with the Chemical Vocational Schools in Włocławek.

The provisional arrangements predict that the patronage class of ANWIL will have 16 students who will receive education in a dual system. They will learn the theory in the Chemical Vocational Schools and apply it in practice during apprenticeships organised in the company sites. The key factor for everybody interested in learning in ANWIL's patronage class should be the fact that the best graduates will be welcome to join the company.

Krystyna Młotkowska, the headmaster of the Chemical Vocational Schools, commenting on the fact of establishing cooperation with ANWIL, a subsidiary of ORLEN Group in Włocławek, said: "Currently, we are observing a renaissance of vocational education, which stems from changes in the attitudes of Poles. Vocational schools are a great alternative to general upper secondary education. Acquiring professional skills allows students to find a well-paid job on reliable conditions. I hope that the cooperation between ANWIL and the Chemical Vocational Schools in Włocławek will be the first step towards reviving the traditions of chemical vocational education in our town."

Jarosław Ptaszyński, a member of the Management Board of ANWIL, pointed out that: "Graduates of ANWIL's patronage class will acquire the knowledge and skills that will considerably shorten the time they need to familiarise themselves with the systems they are going to operate. With such experience, they will be able to do better on the job market, becoming more attractive for employers.  It should be born in mind that according to the statistics of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), graduates of vocational schools find jobs more quickly than people having general education."

ANWIL is involved in promoting chemical education at all levels of education and training. It has been cooperating with higher education institutions for many years, and in Włocławek - in addition to extending patronage over a class in the Chemical Vocational Schools - it also sponsors a chemistry competition for students of lower secondary schools in Włocławek and its vicinity, organised by the Maria Konopnicka Upper Secondary School.


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