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ANWIL from ORLEN Group will increase its production capacity


ANWIL company, belonging to ORLEN Group, constructs the third line for production of nitrogen fertilizers in accordance with plan, which will increase its production capacity by approx. 50%, and thereby its competitiveness towards foreign manufacturers. Value of the investment, which is strategic for the company and largest in the Kujawy and Pomorze Voivodeship and which will considerably strengthen Polish economy, is estimated at around PLN 1.3 billion. After the project, 100 new jobs will be created, and EBITDA operating profit of the company from Włocławek may rise, according to forecasts, by almost PLN 245 million per annum. Terrain of the investment was visited by Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland.

- I hope that Polish economy will quickly return to the development path. Investments implemented by domestic companies are its driving force. ANWIL, a company belonging to ORLEN Group, builds another line for production of nitrogen fertilizers, which will increase its production capacity, and in consequence will protect Polish market against an influx of imported fertilizers, mainly from the East. The investment which is implemented in the company from Włocławek will be real support for Polish farmers and ORLEN Group’s contribution to ensuring food safety & security of Poland - says Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland.

Modern fertilizer line production plants will be made within the third fertilizer line the construction of which started one year ago on the premises of the company from Włocławek. The investment includes installation of nitric acid and neutralization, granulation plant and auxiliary infrastructure.


- ANWIL is a very important asset in ORLEN Group, and strengthening of its position on the European market is one of our priorities. Therefore, we implement a strategic, and at the same time one of the biggest investments, in terms of value, in the history of the company from Włocławek, also since take-over of 100% of its shares by ORLEN Group in 2012. Construction of the third line for production of nitrogen fertilizers runs in accordance with the preset schedule. It is significant because the scope of the conducted operations is broad and a number of domestic, as well as foreign contractors are involved in them. The new investment brings benefits for ORLEN Group, including ANWIL but mainly for Polish economy and Polish farmers. After the project which will be finalized in mid 2022, we will provide them with access to an increased volume of products meeting the highest global standards - says Daniel Obajtek, the President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The investment will not only strengthen ANWIL’s position on the market of fertilizers but also its position as the largest employer in the region. After its end, the company will employ next 100 people. The entire local community will gain benefits. ANWIL is one of the largest taxpayers in the Kujawy and Pomorze Voivodeship. The company paid over PLN 100 million of tax for 2019, more than PLN 43 million of which was left in the region. In view of development of production assets, the amount may rise even by approximately PLN 50 million per annum.

Thanks to the investment, ANWIL’s production capacity will grow from 966 thousand tons to 1,461 thousand tons annually, and the company’s product portfolio will be enriched by four types of fertilizers - thick saltpetre, ammonium sulphate nitrate, nitro-chalk with sulphur and nitro-chalk with magnesium, characterized by enhanced granule properties. The increased number of fertilizer products will secure ANWIL in case of potential incorporation of a prohibition to trade in ammonium nitrate in the European Union in the future.

A lot of earthworks have been performed so far on the premises of the nitric acid plant under construction. Back-up facilities were prepared for prefabrication of pipelines, as well as piling was carried out in the place where a turbine set and chimney will be erected. Laying of foundations under the nitric acid tank and absorption column came to an end. Elements thereof get to the company from Włocławek and their bonding is in progress. A raw material warehouse will be made within the investment too. Works related to the erection of auxiliary infrastructure, necessary for the installation to function properly, are also performed.

The company from Włocławek started the production of fertilizers 48 years ago, and the first ton of ammonium nitrate was produced already on 17 December 1971. Since 1990s, the nitrate production plant has been systematically modernized, and in 2000, a plant for the production of nitro-chalk was put into operation. At the beginning of 2019, the company manufactured a 30-million ton of nitrogen fertilizers. At present, the generation capacity puts ANWIL second in Poland.


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