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ANWIL from ORLEN Group will strengthen its position in the chemical sector


Extension of the fertilizer plant at ANWIL from ORLEN Group runs in line with the schedule. The investment, which is the largest in the Kujawy-Pomorze Region and in the history of the company, which will involve approx. 100 new jobs and will strengthen Polish economy, is completed in 32%. According to forecasts, the company’s EBITDA operating profit, after the end of the extension of production capacity planned for 2022, will increase by nearly PLN 245 million per annum.

he fertilizer line extension project at ANWIL is one of the biggest investments, in terms of value, in the history of the company from Włocławek, also since take-over of 100% of its shares by ORLEN Group in 2012.


- We place large importance on development of our assets and only this year we will allocate PLN 9 billion for investments within the whole ORLEN Group. The objective of our investment program is to strengthen PKN ORLEN, and companies thereof on the competitive market, as well as to raise profits. ANWIL is a good example here - increased production capacity of nitrogen fertilizers by approx. 50% and increased EBITDA operating profit of the company by almost PLN 245 million per annum will be an effect of extension of the plant. This will considerably raise its development potential. At the same time, an influx of products from import on the Polish market will be reduced, in particular from the east, which for Polish famers means access to an increased volume of products meeting the highest global standards - says Daniel Obajtek, the President of the Management Board of PKN ORLEN.

The project for which ORLEN Group will allocate approx. PLN 1.3 billion will increase ANWIL’s production capacity by 50% - from 966 thousand tons to 1,461 thousand tons annually. In turn, the product portfolio of the company from ORLEN Group will be enriched by four types of fertilizers - thick saltpetre, ammonium sulphate nitrate, nitro-chalk with sulphur and nitro-chalk with magnesium, characterized by enhanced granule properties.

A modern complex of plants is under construction within extension of the third fertilizer line, which will include an installation of nitric acid and neutralization, granulation plant and auxiliary infrastructure. At present, assembly and installation works are continued on the installation of nitric acid and neutralization. Its key elements have already been made, such as the absorption tower, complex of condensers and residual gas chimney. Foundations are laid, reinforcement works and works such as mounting of reinforced concrete prefabricates are pending, as well as granulator elements are merged on the granulation installation. Whereas, for example a steel structure of fly-overs is constructed within the auxiliary infrastructure, necessary for the installation to function properly. The investment will also strengthen ANWIL’s position as the biggest employer in the region.

- The benefits arising out of extension of the production capacity of fertilizers will be noticeable for whole local community. After its end, the company will employ next 100 people. ANWIL is one of the largest taxpayers in the Kujawy and Pomorze Voivodeship, ipso facto contributing to development of Włocławek. The company paid PLN 100 million of tax for 2019, almost 50% of which i.e. as much as PLN 43 million locally. In view of development of production assets in Włocławek, proceeds from tax which will remain in the region may increase even more in subsequent years. ANWIL is not only a desired employer but it is also actively engaged in sports, educational and cultural initiatives significant to residents of the region - said Agnieszka Żyro, the President of the Management Board of ANWIL.

ANWIL is a leader on the Polish market in the area of plastics. The company has just produced a 7-million tone of vinyl chloride from which suspension polyvinyl chloride is made (POLANVIL). The product whose sole manufacturer in Poland is ANWIL is widely used on the Polish and foreign market in motorcar, electronic and aviation industries. It is used, among other things, for production of gutters, linings, skirting boards, sealing tapes, tiles, wallpapers, cable coating, insulation of electric cables, different types of foil, artificial leather, elements of footwear or packaging.


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