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ANWIL intensifies support for Rottweilers from Włocławek


ANWIL has raised financing of the Basketball Club from Włocławek. A decision has been taken on the basis of positive assessment of sportsmanship and evaluation concerning achievements of competitors of Rottweilers from Włocławek last season.

In June 2015 the ORLEN Group company from Włocławek, in pursuit of ensuring solid financial bases to the Club and ipso facto enabling the team to achieve sport successes, decided to sign a sponsoring contract for three seasons (2015/2016, 2016/2017 and 2017/2018). For the first time in history of cooperation the contract included clauses guaranteeing a possibility to provide additional resources by the sponsor to the team, depending on its results.

In the season of games that came to an end the team from Włocławek entered the play-off phase, which caused that ANWIL honoured the Club with an additional financial benefit. Now the company also decided to conclude an annex to the contract in force by 2017/2018 under which the base amount and additional resources were increased. Their payment will still be dependent on sport results achieved by the Club.

- During last season players of the team from Włocławek provided us with a great deal of unforgettable emotions. They rose like a phoenix from the ashes presenting a battle spirit by the end of the games. ANWIL, as a strategic sponsor of the Club, wants to thank them for this and to motivate to a further battle on Polish parquets. We realize that basketball plays an extremely significant role in lives of people from Włocławek. Thus, we hope that our decision will be regarded by them as ANWIL’s contribution to development of Włocławek - in sport dimension. - said Jacek Podgórski, President of the Management Board of ANWIL.

- I am extremely glad that our strategic sponsor decided to appreciate the Club’s efforts thanks to which last season we were as high as fourth in the games after having been cheered on by our faithful sports fans who filled the Hall of Champions in Włocławek to the uppermost edge.  This is a very good prognostication for the following seasons. I am convinced that increase in ANWIL’s involvement in favour of the team will enable us to reach for the highest laurels already in near future. - emphasized Arkadiusz Lewandowski, President of the Basketball Club from Włocławek.​


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