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ANWIL invests in fertilizer logistics


As an answer to the market demand ANWIL has commissioned a new fertilizer palletizing line. A PLN 5 million investment doubles the sales capabilities of nitrogen fertilizers on pallets in Włocławek.
“Our market position is constantly improving due to good relations with our business partners. The needs of our Clients determine the development direction of our offer and customer service standards. We are convinced the quality of cooperation with our Clients is worth investing in. We did not complete this year’s plans for fertilizer logistics yet.  We are planning a commissioning of a new big-bag packing node in December” – said Arkadiusz Banaszek, member of the ANWIL board.
A new infrastructure and an existing line will allow packing 2,000 tons of fertilizer per day. Besides its high functional qualities, a new line in Włocławek will increase the customer service flexibility for ANWIL trade partners and will also allow collecting products in a preferred form. This project is one a series of projects improving the dispatch process of nitrogen fertilizers manufactured by ANWIL, and follows a commissioning of the first palletizing line, big-bag packing node and CANWIL store.
“This new ANWIL investment is another part of the logistics infrastructure improving the market position of ORLEN Group. The group supports projects of its subsidiaries that aim to improve competitiveness and guarantee economic efficiency”- said Piotr Gorzeński, Executive Director for Logistics in PKN ORLEN.


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