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Another five hundred thousand Polish zlotys for Włocławek from Foundation


Set up by ANWIL in May 2014, the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation has awarded grants with a total value of five hundred thousand Polish zlotys over its 16-month-long operation. The Foundation has just launched the second edition of the grant competition in which organisations of 3rd sector from Włocławek may apply for financing amounting to as much as PLN 50 thousand. In total, the budget of the 2nd edition amounts to PLN 500 thousand.

A celebration at which the 1st edition of the grant competition was summarised and the 2nd edition announced took place in the Museum of the Diocese in Włocławek on 29 September 2015. The event on Tuesday was attended by: Marek Wojtkowski, Mayor of Włocławek, Arkadiusz Kazana, Member of the Management Board of ANWIL, representing the sponsor, Małgorzata Kosińska, President of the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation and numerous representatives of non-governmental organisations.
In its address, President Kazana highlighted that corporate social responsibility meant for a company taking responsible actions in the social, economic and environmental scope and is a base on which ANWIL builds.

He pointed out that: “Outcomes of the undertakings carried out, the number of beneficiaries of individual projects, the amount of funding provided by the Foundation, and the frequency of our meetings prove that the Foundation, sponsored by ANWIL, operates dynamically.In this way, the company, in the Management Board of which I sit, makes a real contribution towards higher standard of living of Włocławek residents, and the Foundation really implements its mission stating: “We create Włocławek’s future by supporting local initiatives”, and not only declares it.”

Małgorzata Kosińska, President of the Foundation, discussed the 1st edition of the competition and mentioned applications that had been recommended by the Programme Board and awarded grants, and she presented the rules of the 2nd edition.
This time, non-governmental organisations from Włocławek will have an opportunity to apply for funding amounting to PLN 50 thousand. Grants will be awarded to projects implementing objectives set forth in the charter of the Foundation and addressed to Włocławek residents.

Małgorzata Kosińska also expressed her satisfaction that “beneficiaries of the projects financed by the Foundation to date were children, teenagers, and adults from Włocławek, and the array of implemented undertakings included sport, educational and artistic activities. The projects enabled their participants to discover new values, extend the scope of their interests and deepen their knowledge and acquire practical skills."

Although focused on providing support for projects of non-governmental organisations, the ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation decided to extend its activity this year. 25 September was the deadline for submitting applications for the grant programme addressed to students of lower and upper secondary schools. The programme is mainly aimed at supporting individual gifts and talents of young residents of Włocławek.

The Tuesday’s celebration was marked by the performance of the “Canto” Choir, a laureate of many contests, Grand Prix winner at this year’s international Ochryda Choir Festival in Macedonia, which was conducted by Marian Szczepański.​


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