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CONNECT - ORLEN Group Purchasing Platform


​CONNECT - ORLEN Group Platform, an innovative e-purchasing system which completely replaced written bid forms, is now the only site for publishing tenders and submitting quotations in the purchasing processes of ANWIL S.A.. The newly implemented solution facilitated integration and optimization of purchasing processes and gave access to new vendors.

The tool is available at www.connect.orlen.pl and covers a comprehensive sourcing process ranging from handling of requests for quotations, through implementation of procurement procedures, to participation in negotiations and online auctions.
The use of the CONNECT tool gives notable benefits for both ANWIL suppliers and buyers, offering quick, regular, and clear information on any tendering procedures under way in any of the 15 CONNECT Platform purchasing categories: Administration and general purchases; Investments; IT and telecommunications; Logistics; Filling stations; Energy raw materials, energy and fuels; Raw materials, chemicals, catalysts and packings; Repairs and exploitation; Professional services; Devices, materials and spare parts.
After registering on the Platform, vendors are provided with automatic notification on any tendering procedures launched in categories of their interest.
The transactions within CONNECT Purchasing Platform cover ANWIL as well as other companies from ORLEN Capital Group: PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Lietuva, ORLEN Deutchland, ORLEN Oil, ORLEN Gaz, ORLEN Asfalt, ORLEN KolTrans, ORLEN Projekt, ORLEN Administracja, Unipetrol, Rafineria Jedlicze, Rafineria Trzebinia, and IKS Solino.
More detailed information on the operation and use of the system is available at CONNECT Platform website

Please join us and register on the Platform.


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