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First competition for grants organised by ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation


On 20 August, during a special press conference, ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation announced the first grant competition for non-government and public benefit organizations operating in Włocławek. Organizations will compete for grants up to PLN 30,000. The registration deadline is 22 September.
The ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation is a new initiative of the Włocławek-based company from the ORLEN Group, taking relations with the communities to an entirely new level. Putting corporate social responsibility into practice, ANWIL has been supporting many organizations and initiatives related to culture, sports and education. The company’s contribution to the local community has been recognized with many awards, distinctions and acknowledgements from Włocławek authorities, institutions and organizations.
All incorporated non-government and public benefit organizations, registered or based in Włocławek, were invited to compete for grants.
At a press conference, Mrs Małgorzata Kosińska, the President of the Foundation, stressed that:
“The Foundation supports local projects aimed at activating the citizens of Włocławek. Our actions have a broad impact, ranging from education through healthcare, sport, environmental protection, development of culture and art to supporting local businesses and undertakings aimed at boosting Włocławek’s local economy. We place special emphasis on projects intended for young people, who may soon be deciding about the future development of our city.”
The subsidy cannot exceed 80% of the total cost of the project and the maximum amount of PLN 30,000.
The projects need to be consistent with the Foundation’s main activity and concern the citizens of Włocławek. They cannot take more than 10 months to complete.
Competition deadlines:
• 22 September 2014 – deadline for submission of entries with enclosures; if documents are mailed, the date stamped on the envelope will be considered;
• 27 October 2014 – announcement of the results of the competition;
• 27 October 2014 to 20 August 2015 – execution of the project and qualification of expenses;
• 21 September 2015 – final deadline for submission of reports on the execution of the project.
Full information about the project, including detailed criteria and forms are published on the Foundation’s website.


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