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Followers of the Montgolfier brothers in Włocławek


Tomorrow the airport of the Włocławek Flying Club, whose general sponsor is ANWIL, will host 15th International Balloon Race in Włocławek. This year, 29 teams will take part in the race in the sky.

Although the first time the invention of brothers Etienne and Joseph Montgolfier – a hot air balloon – went up was on 5 June 1783, i.e. over 200 years ago, the view of colourful balloons against the background of blue sky fascinates not only balloonists, but also spectators on the ground.

Tomorrow residents of Włocławek will have the opportunity to admire the view, watching over 130 competitors from Poland and abroad competing for the victory in the 15th International Balloon Race in Włocławek Among the participants of the race, there is a team competing under ANWIL’s flag. The LTL 77 Racer hot air balloon with the logo of Grupa ORLEN will be piloted by Bartosz Nowakowski – one of the best and most recognised Polish balloon pilots.

Moreover, the Włocławek Flying Club will be represented by: Arkadiusz Iwański, Dariusz Iwański, Jacek Górzyński, Jarosław Górnowicz and Paweł Budziszewski.

Colourful balloons going up are very spectacular and worth seeing with your own eyes, in particular when the entry is free.

Detailed information on the race and results will be available on the official website of the 15th International Balloon Race in Włocławek (www.balonywloclawek.pl) and on the Włocławek Flying Club’s website (www.aeroklubwloclawek.pl).​


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