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For the first time ANWIL was a guest on the TEPPFA Forum


Representatives of the Business Unit for Selling Plastics in ANWIL participated in a sector-specific meeting of the European Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association (TEPPFA).

Participants of this year’s conference which was held on 4-5.04.2016 in Brussels mainly discussed global opportunities and challenges with which manufacturers of pipe systems of plastics will have to cope in near future as well as legal issues in the EU legislation connected with their activity.

There was also time for summing up operations and achievements within the 25th anniversary of the TEPPFA.

The meeting’s agenda also included debates on sustainable development issues with particular emphasis on the environment, because one of the statutory tasks of the organization is propagation of knowledge about advantages of using plastics just through the prism of concern for natural environment. Since research carried out e.g. by the independent Flemish Institute for Technological Research VITO proves that pipe systems of plastics leave ecological footprint on average by two-thirds smaller than pipe systems made of materials such as: concrete, copper or malleable cast-iron. Unfortunately, awareness of such a fact is still very limited.

The event organized by the TEPPFA was a perfect opportunity for discussion and exchange of information on topics significant to manufacturers of pipes and fittings of plastics, but it also made it possible to refresh or enter into new business contacts between its participants.

This year the TEPPFA celebrates the 25th anniversary, therefore a lot of people attended this year’s edition of the meeting in the capital of Belgium and additionally it had an exceptionally solemn form.


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