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Inauguration of the ANWIL Foundation for Włocławek


​An official inauguration of the ANWIL Foundation for Włocławek took place on 30 May. A world-class double bass virtuoso Szymon Marciniak, previously ANWIL’s scholarship holder, gave a performance during the ceremony, which was organised at the Diocese Museum in Włocławek. Assuming patronage over the concert, ANWIL confirms its many years’ support for education, culture and sport in Włocławek.
Members of Parliament from Włocławek, representatives of the City Hall and Council, the Włocławek diocese, PKN ORLEN management (the owner of ANWIL) and representatives of educational and cultural institutions as well as non-government organisation and top-level managers from PKN ORLEN and ANWIL were invited to the official inauguration.
During the ceremony, Mr Piotr Chełmiński, the President of the Supervisory Board of ANWIL S.A. said:
“Upholding the values of corporate social responsibility, ANWIL has been supporting cultural, sports and educational initiatives for years, for which the Company received several awards and distinctions. Establishment of the ANWIL Foundation for Włocławek brings a new quality into the relations with the immediate stakeholders. Much has already been said which is why I will only express my deepest conviction that it is very needed in Włocławek to support local ideas and initiatives.”
The concert was also an opportunity to officially introduce the Board of the Foundation. Ms Małgorzata Kosińska became President and the Board, which also includes two representatives of the Founder, Ms Joanna Kozińska and Barbara Marczewska. The Foundation Council was also introduced, consisting of the following representatives of ANWIL: Paweł Wochowski, Małgorzata Tomaszewska, Beata Krupińska, Violetta Humięcka and Anna Lewandowska-Romanowska, Head of Social Relations at PKN Orlen.
Members of the Foundation Programme Council were also introduced, having been invited to work for the Foundation and citizens of Włocławek: Professor Marian Szczepański, who has been the Head of the Canto Choir in Włocławek for many years, Mr Marcin Piekarski, involved in youth sports in Włocławek, Mr Jan Jabłoński, who has been the Head of the Municipal Centre for Education and Culture Promotion in Włocławek for many years and Mr Mariusz Kaczmarek, VP of Chemeko, a company from the ANWIL Capital Group. The other members of the Programme Council are Ms Bożena Cichocka and Mr Krzysztof Wojdyło from ANWIL.
The composition of the Programme Council is not yet fixed and ANWIL awaits other candidates.
Ms Małgorzata Kosińska, the President of the Foundation, thanked the Founder for the trust placed in her and said:
“Thanks to the funds provided by ANWIL, the Foundation will be supporting local projects aimed at encouraging the citizens of Włocławek to be active. We want our actions to have a broad impact, ranging from education through healthcare, sport, environmental protection, development of culture and art to supporting local businesses and undertakings aimed at boosting Włocławek’s local economy. We will be providing support to those who are enthusiastic about acting for the local community. We place special emphasis on projects intended for young people, who may soon be deciding about the future development of Włocławek.”
The ceremony ended with an excellent performance by Mr Szymon Marciniak, accompanied by the pianist Emilio Peroni from Argentina. An additional highlight of the performance were comments by the artist about the musical pieces they performed.


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