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Innovative solutions as a basis of further development


ANWIL S.A. carries out strategic activities within the scope of searching for tools used to acquire innovative projects supporting the enterprise’s operations. To achieve its goals, the chemical company from ORLEN Group takes part in accelerated growth programs. They are mechanisms which combine recipients of advanced technologies and start-ups.

The portfolio of innovative projects is drawn up at ANWIL via pilot participation in two programs at the same time.
  They include the following - an acceleration program co-financed from monies of the European Regional Development Fund, Smart Growth Operational Program for the years 2014-2020 and an acceleration program affiliated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum Central & Eastern Europe.


- ANWIL S.A. is one of the leading enterprises of the chemical sector in Poland. We look for new, unconventional solutions in our daily work. We treat them as challenges and opportunities, and inter alia investments and development are the key to achievement of success for us. We have decided to take up actions aimed at gaining innovative projects which in the future will support and distinguish our company’s activities. The areas and issues which arouse our interest mainly encompass Energy, Industry 4.0, technological marketing, as well as sustainable development and management of waste. Combination of experience and production environment of ANWIL along with young, creative entities guarantees that optimal, and first of all interesting and unconventional solutions will be devised - said Agnieszka Żyro, the President of ANWIL S.A. Management Board.


The idea of both acceleration programs includes searching for innovative concepts amongst the solutions offered by young technological businesses, meeting the challenges identified by enterprises experienced in the market and in business, such as for instance ANWIL S.A. The aim of the cooperation of the involved entities is to additional specify and develop a dedicated business model with the support of experienced mentors and advisers. Such a cooperation model supports the process of building relations between large companies and start-ups, at the same time guaranteeing flexibility and relatively short time limits for development of dedicated solutions by young firms, as well as supporting further development of start-ups. Considerable organizational and financial potential of big companies is also an asset as far as performance of open innovation programs is concerned, for optimal implementation of developed innovative solutions.

Finalization of the first pilot program, within the framework of the programs implemented at ANWIL, is planned for the first quarter of 2021.


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