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Investments to come at ANWIL in Włocławek


_DS99281-www.jpgIn line with its strategy, PKN ORLEN is planning to invest approx. PLN 1 billion in increasing the output of the fertilizers production facilities at ANWIL in Włocławek.  Additionally, the company is considering strengthening its strategic petrochemical assets by means of increasing the production capacity of its PVC facilities.

“ANWIL is one of the most important members of the ORLEN Group. We are focusing on further development of this company and have no plans of selling it. A strong position of ANWIL is of key importance for the development of both the ORLEN Group and the city of Włocławek and the entire Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Thanks to the planned investments, ANWIL will significantly strengthen its position on the fertilizers market and in the area of PVC. The ORLEN Group, the local government, and the residents of the region will also enjoy the financial benefits of these actions,” Daniel Obajtek, the President of PKN ORLEN, said during a press conference held in Włocławek.

Today, the production capacity of ANWIL in terms of nitrogen fertilizers is approx. 1 million tons per year. After the expansion of the facilities in this area, the output will increase by 40%, i.e. a further 430,000 tons. There are also plans to expand the range of fertilizers with four new products.

ANWIL is an integral element of the ORLEN Group, which takes care of the development of the region in every location in which it operates. This chemical company is already employing nearly 1,300 people and is one of largest employers in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. This has a positive effect on the situation of the local community. The completion of the investment in fertilizers will create 200 new jobs, which means an increase of 15% by 2021.

ANWIL is also one of the largest taxpayers contributing to the city’s budget. For 2017, the company paid PLN 110 million in taxes, of which PLN 35 million in local taxes. In connection with the development of the production assets in Włocławek, the local taxes paid by ANWIL will increase to approx. PLN 50 million per year.

Corporate social responsibility is another regular element of ANWIL’s strategy. On its own or through its corporate foundation, the company carries out intensive activities in terms of social sponsoring and charity. Over the last three quarters, ANWIL donated more than PLN 800,000 for these purposes. In the same period, the company provided more than PLN 50,000 to Włocławek schools, funding educational activities. In total, between 2014 and 2017, the “ANWIL for Włocławek” Foundation transferred PLN 3.3 million to the local community and completed over 180 projects, which means that every second resident of Włocławek is a beneficiary of the programs supported by the Foundation.

ANWIL is also a major sponsor of local sports, being financially involved in the Klub Koszykówki Włocławek S.A. basketball team and the ANWIL YACHT CLUB and also supporting the runner Katarzyna Kowalska and the Włocławek Flying Club.


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