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Member of the Management Board of ANWIL in the Management Board of Fertilizers Europe


​The General Meeting of Shareholders of Fertilizers Europe (FE) convened in Warsaw appointed Mr Arkadiusz Banaszek, Member of the Board and COO at ANWIL, as a Member of the Board of Fertilizers Europe.
The decisions of the organisation whose members include the largest European producers of fertilisers confirms ANWIL’s renown not only in Poland but also abroad.
Mr Arkadiusz Banaszek commented on his appointment in the following way:
“This year we are celebrating our 10th year of membership in Fertilizers Europe, naturally coinciding with Polish accession to the European Union. From the very start ANWIL has actively participated in working committees and its representatives sat on councils of experts. I consider entrusting me with this honourable position to be proof that ANWIL has been very active in the European fertilisers market.”
ANWIL has been a full member in the organisation since 2004. Representatives of the company have been actively involved in the work of the organisation, also taking part in programmes initiated by Fertilizers Europe.
Fertilizers Europe is formed by major European producers of fertilisers. The organisation was founded to co-operate for the benefit of the European fertilisers industry and is a platform for exchanging experience between companies from the fertilisers industry. An important area of activity of Fertilizers Europe is promoting modern fertilisation to ensure optimum crops while minimising the impact of the use of fertilisers on the natural environment and ensuring high quality of the produced foods. FE especially focuses on increasing the safety of production, transport and storage of fertilisers.


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