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More efficient and eco-friendly ANWIL


ANWIL has completed its five-year programme of improving efficiency in the fertilisers production business. The Company, which is part of ORLEN Capital Group, has successfully implemented ten initiatives to reduce energy consumption and impact on the environment. Total capex for ANWIL’s project amounted to around PLN 40m.
The completed project aimed at increasing energy efficiency and fertilisers production capacity at ANWIL fits in well with the policy of the ORLEN Capital Group, which assumes that monitoring the impact of new projects on the natural environment is as important as economic efficiency. The programme implemented by ANWIL involved 10 projects on ammonia and nitric acid installations. The assumed results are reducing energy consumption by 46,000 MWh/year and reducing emissions: NOx – by 11.772 Mg/year, CO – by 1.759 Mg/year, CO2 – by 36,825.64 Mg/year.
“Protecting the environment is one of the core values adopted by the ORLEN Group. Thus, whenever we implement modern technological solution to develop the company, we analyse their impact on the environment. An excellent example is the programme we have just completed, which ensures both economical as well as eco-friendly advantages. Today, all our production installations comply with strict EU requirements but we will continue to minimise our impact on the natural environment. Our consistency and accomplishments in this area have been recognised with the title of the Leader in Ecology awarded by the Polish Chemical Forum,” said Mr Arkadiusz Banaszek, Member of the Management Board of ANWIL.
The efficiency programme was co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 4.2 “Rationalisation of resources and waste management in enterprises” Priority 4 “Initiatives aimed at adjusting enterprises to the requirements of environmental protection” of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007–2013. ANWIL’s project received the maximum subsidy of 30% of the amount of qualified expenses.


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