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New laboratories in ORLEN Laboratory structure


​On 1 January 2015 the organised part of Pro-Lab owned by the ANWIL Group was added to the organisational structure of ORLEN Laboratory. The acquisition process involved the following units located on ANWIL premises: Fertiliser Laboratory, Plastics Laboratory and the Quality Management Team. The ORLEN Laboratory took over 170 employees of Pro-Lab, in keeping with Article 231 of the Labour Code.
The changes in ownership that took place result from the consolidation of laboratory assets in the ORLEN Group and became effective pursuant to the agreements singed on 5 December 2014 by and between ORLEN Laboratory and Pro-Lab. The laboratories that were taken over provide analytic services covering all production processes at ANWIL – from analyses of raw materials, through complex interoperational analyses to product analyses.
ORLEN Laboratory and Pro-Lab have been closely cooperating on a regular basis. Since June 2013 they have also been connected by shared representation at Board level.
The laboratories that were taken over also provide services to customers other than ANWIL, including:
• environmental analyses (e.g. analyses of water, sewage, soil, air and monitoring of waste dumping sites),
• workstation analyses (e.g. lighting, microclimate, ventilation, exposure to noise, chemical agents),
• plastics analyses (mixes, pellets, ready components and the associated raw materials),
• agriculture and gardening research (soil, water, organic substrates).
The consolidation is in-line with PKN ORLEN strategy which assumes optimisation of the ownership structure of the ORLEN Group.


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