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As of 8 January, ANWIL clients will receive access to the free-of-charge e-Invoice system, which is used to manage electronic counterparts of traditional paper-based documents.
The e-Invoice system allows to quickly download and browse through documents, including sorting, printing and storing on external media. Documents stored for ANWIL clients on the eBOK Platform are fully secure thanks to the sophisticated and certified security features used by the technology provider. 
“Switching to the electronic invoicing system offers a number of benefits, primarily for our Clients. The implementation will significantly streamline document management processes and make access to data easier. For ANWIL, this also means greater eco-friendliness by reducing the use of paper-based documents,” said Mr Krzysztof Dzuba, Member of the Board and CFO at ANWIL. 
The on-line service is available 24/7. To start using the system, the client only needs to accept the Terms and Conditions and sign a Declaration. 
“Introduction of the e-Invoice system by ANWIL is another stage in the implementation of services shared across the entire ORLEN Group, which will streamline our co-operation with business partners and at the same time increase the safety of our operations,” said Dariusz Ciesielski, Executive Director, Petrochemical Products at PKN ORLEN. 
The system introduced by ANWIL conforms to Polish and European legal regulations in force. Digitally signed documents are considered equivalent to paper-based documents by tax inspection authorities.



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