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Record-breaking 2015 in ANWIL


Last year was marked in the company from Włocławek by records. Within barely 36 months ANWIL did not only manufacture another six-million tone of PVC and recorded availability of production installations of plastics at a level exceeding 97%, but is also executed the largest quantity of deliveries in its history.

Last year the company re-organized the area of logistics incorporating a packing department and side track into its structures (this reduced costs of its operation by 25%), increased OTIF rate (on time in full) and carried the record-breaking number of finished goods by transport organized upon its order. At the same time, which is significant, it kept a tight rein on delivery execution costs.

The OTIF rate, which determines a proportional level of delivery perfection - deliveries executed on time and compliance with an order, was 98.1% in ANWIL in 2015. With regard to the chemical sector this is a very good result especially that simultaneously the company executed more than 16 000 deliveries.

- Relatively high variability of the economic situation on markets on which ANWIL operates causes that planning and implementation of logistic solutions pose a large challenge for the company. Therefore, ANWIL cooperates with numerous carriers, thanks to which it can accept orders whose execution time is only one day. Such a pro-client attitude is one of the elements strengthening ANWIL's image as a reliable partner on the market of plastics and chemicals - emphasizes Lech Zobniów, Logistics Director in ANWIL.

The company from Włocławek from the ORLEN Group receives recognition of both clients and business partners in the area of logistics. This is best exemplified by the fact that 156 companies acceded, through the Connect purchasing platform, to the last tender for transport service, organized by ANWIL, of which as many as 100 companies placed their offers. It was the largest tender in history in terms of the number of registered tenderers and offers in the ORLEN Group carried out through the Connect platform.


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