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Responsible Production and Use - ANWIL’s Educational Project


ANWIL invites you to watch a series of short videos on plastics, and in particular polyvinyl chloride. All episodes of the “Problems, Verities, Curiosities” (PVC) series combine expertise and practical knowledge, taking the form of an interview that the audience may find interesting. The project aims at building awareness of responsible production as well as use of polyvinyl chloride products.

VC is used in the Polish and international market on a large scale, for example in the automotive, electronics and aviation industries. What is more, without this plastic many industry sectors, to name for instance construction, electrical engineering or plumbing, would not be able to operate at all. We come across PVC products every step we take. PVC is used to produce gutters, vinyl flooring, skirting boards, sealing strips, tiles, wallpapers, cable coating, electrical cable insulation, various films, footwear components, packaging or even artificial leather. To put it shortly, it is widely present in our lives.

You can find all series episodes on the website
www.anwil.pl. Each of them is run by TV presenter and knowledge and science propagator Radosław Brzóska. Subsequent episodes allow us to follow his meetings with experts who share interesting information and titbits, sometimes truly surprising. The viewers may learn about what PVC is and where it comes from; what makes its use so popular; how plastics affect the economy, society and the environment and how to manage these materials responsibly.

he guests invited to the programme include Dr Monika Koperska – a preservation chemistry specialist, Mariusz Obszyński – Sales Director at ANWIL, Mirosław Bas – ANWIL expert and long-term PVC Production Plant Manager and Mariusz Ćwikliński – a company expert from its PVC Production Plant.

he date on which these videos were made available, 8 March, is no coincidence - although widely associated with the Women’s Day, for the ORLEN Group company from Włocławek it marks the beginning of its polyvinyl chloride production. Precisely 38 years ago, the first quantities of PVC in Poland left its production line, with as much as over 7 million tonnes manufactured to date.

It is worth remembering that ANWIL is a Polish market leader in the field of plastics. The company from Włocławek is the sole producer of suspension polyvinyl chloride in Poland and manufactures also PVC cable granules (for insulation and coating), PVC-based free flowing compounds as well as rigid technical PVC granules intended for instance for the production of wall panels, construction profiles or electrical trunking. Since 1998, the company has manufactured solid and foam PVC boards. Feel free to visit the website
www.anwil.pl​ and watch all the episodes. 


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