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The Vistula could be full of fish again


During the final stage of the contest organized by the Society for the Promotion of Fish, winners chosen among students from 18 schools in Włocławek took part in the campaign to restock the Vistula river with fish. The event was sponsored by ANWIL – the company also funded the prizes.

The contest titled “Pan Karp zarybia Wisłę (“Mr Carp restocks the Vistula”) was addressed to students of primary schools in Włocławek and the surrounding area. Every child could submit a graphic or literary work concerned with the Vistula river and the fish species inhabiting it. The aim of the contest was to raise the students’ awareness of the significance of fish for the ecosystem and to promote ichthyology. The children approached the contest with great enthusiasm and submitted a total of more than 300 entries.

All the schools taking part in the contest will receive teaching aids in the form of boards depicting fish species of the Lower Vistula. The students will receive gifts (such as bags, pens, notebooks, badges and colorful books of limericks about fish).

The main prize in the contest was participation in the initiative to restock the Vistula with catfish fry. The event took place on June 16, 2015, in a riverbank area belonging to ANWIL.

The winners, accompanied by an ichthyologist, a group of fishermen and an expert from the Society for the Promotion of Fish, released over 13,000 catfish fry into the river. The participants’ safety was ensured by ANWIL’s own fire brigade.

“The catfish is one of the largest freshwater fish species in the world. However, until the last decades of the 20th century there was no closed season set for catfish in Poland, making it difficult for the species to breed. The situation has currently improved, partly thanks to restocking initiatives such as the campaign held by the Society for the Promotion of Fish and ANWIL in Włocławek. Restocking the rivers with predatory fish is essential to the well-being of the whole Polish river ecosystem. It contributes to the natural purification of water whose quality deteriorates due to large populations of herbivorous fish”, said Zbigniew Szczepański, the President of the Society for the Promotion of Fish.

“Sustainable development is one of ANWIL’s priorities. This is why we are always willing to engage in campaigns that support the development and protection of the environment, including the amelioration of water in our region. I’m glad that the contest met with such great interest from the children of Włocławek, because another of our goals is to raise environmental awareness and shared responsibility for the state of the environment in our local community. Now we have evidence that our long-term involvement in environmental campaigns is bearing fruit”, said Beata Krupińska, Prevention and Work Safety Director at ANWIL. ​


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