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Third quarter of 2018 brought with itself third full tonnage in ANWIL


Punkt-kontroli-stanu-rur-katalitycznych-w-piecu-reformingu.jpgThe Włocławek-based company from the ORLEN Group produced on Wednesday, 5th September, 15 million tonnes of ammonia required for the production of ammonium nitrate, nitro-chalk, nitric acid and ammonium hydroxide, which all belong to the second, next to plastics, group of its product portfolio, namely fertilisers.

2018 has been so far a special year for ANWIL because in each quarter until now they have achieved whole production tonnages. ANWIL produced 30 million tonnes of nitrogen-based fertilisers in January, 4 million tonnes of sodium hydroxide in June, and 15 million tones of ammonia in September.

ANWIL has begun to produce this raw material 46 years ago. Volume of 5 million tonnes was achieved in 1989, while volume of 10 million tonnes in 2006, so ANWIL needed 17 years to achieve each of these whole tonnages. Optimisation of production lines allowed to improve the efficiency of the process and shortened the period needed for production of next 5 million by even 5 years, so the company produced 15 million tonnes as early as in 2018.  

Previous quantity of ammonia allowed the Włoclawek-based company from the ORLEN Group to produce a little more than 30 million tonnes of nitrogen-based fertilisers. Such quantity of ammonia could fill up in total 333,333 of rail tanks, the total length of which - approx. 6,666 kilometers - would be equal to the distance between Włocławek and New York.

Ammonia is used by ANWIL for their own purposes -– to produce nitrogen-based fertilisers – ammonium nitrate and nitro-chalk (sold under the brand name CANWIL S and CANWIL with magnesium). Production surpluses of ammonia are sold to customers from Poland and Europe.


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