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Thirty Years of ANWIL PVC


ANWIL output of vinyl chloride, the raw material for the production of polyvinyl chloride, widely known as PVC, has just reached the level of 5 million tonnes. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the production of this popular plastic in Włocławek.

ANWIL is the only domestic manufacturer of PVC, and along with its subsidiary – the Czech Spolana, makes the largest PVC-producing group in Central and Eastern Europe. Given the whole European market, the group takes the 6th position on the list of PVC makers.

- It did not happen overnight that we emerged as a domestic leader and a respected and competitive European player on the PVC market. We attribute our current position to the persistence in pursuing our business objectives that we have shown over the years. One must not forget another key factor adding to the success, namely, the sustainability of raw material supply which is guaranteed by ORLEN Capital Group – says Mr Krzysztof Wasielewski, the President of the Board of ANWIL.

The PVC production process applied in ANWIL is a telling example of the raw material system integrity within ORLEN Capital Group. Polyvinyl chloride is a product of polymerisation of vinyl chloride which is obtained from chlorine produced in ANWIL in the process of electrolysis of brine supplied by a pipeline from IKS SOLINO. The other raw material used in the production process – ethylene, is supplied to ANWIL by a pipeline directly from PKN ORLEN  petrochemical installations in Płock.

The PVC process line in ANWIL comprising chlorine and vinyl chloride plants was constructed in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Ever since then, the installations have been subject to a number of modernisation works, so that currently they meet all the criteria of Best Available Techniques (BAT). Today, they stand as one of the most modern PVC production facilities in Europe.

The history of the first tonnes of PVC from Włocławek dates back to 8 March 1983, and the breakthrough of the first million tonnes came 11 years later. ANWIL total PVC output stands in excess of 5.3 million tonnes, 90% of which has been traded under own, widely-recognised brand of Polanvil. The remaining amounts are processed into PVC compounds and PVC sheets. Over 50% of the production volume feeds the domestic market, which makes ANWIL an undisputed market leader. The rest of the PVC is exported to the European Union markets, but also to Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine.

PVC is among the most widely-used and the most thoroughly-tested plastics in the world. It is characterised by an outstanding set of properties: it is physiologically inert, it is not permeable to oxygen and scents, it is resistant to chemicals, oils or weather, it is a superb insulator with high mechanical strength, and last but not least, it is easy to dye and process. Owing to the above, its application in everyday life is virtually limitless with the construction and household furnishing branch being the largest  users. PVC is used for the production of window profiles and doors, pipes, gutters, water pipes, siding, foil, advertising sheets and wire-fence coating.

Medicine is a hugely important and challenging area for PVC usage. PVC is the material for blood storing and transporting containers, drains or probes. PVC is also widely used in electrical engineering as electrical wire and cable insulation. 


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