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Włocławek Rottweilers’ legend in a close-up


Tomorrow will bring the premiere of Andrzej Pluta’s biography entitled “Z dystansu” [English: From a distance]. The icon of Polish basketball and co-author of ANWIL Włocławek’s successes shares there his very personal reflections on his career, revealing the reality of Polish basketball. One of the sponsors of the publication is ANWIL, which has supported the team of Włocławek Rottweilers for 18 seasons by now.

While Louis XIV of France is believed to have said “I am the state”, which is presumably just a rumour, it cannot be doubted that Andrzej Pluta could say: “I am the Polish basketball of the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century”. That exceptionally talented basketball player won all trophies on Polish basketball courts, going down in the history of the sports discipline. He won two Polish Championships, was Poland’s vice-champion twice and a bronze medallist four times, and, in addition, won the 2007 Polish Super Cup, 2007 Polish Cup and was selected the MVP of the Polish Cup.

The brilliant career and charismatic personality of the player offer a great material for a book. Therefore Andrzej Pluta decided to share his story with readers and tell them about the way he had gone.

The former member of the Poland national team frankly talks about his sacrifices, work, funny and unpleasant situations. A great deal of them happened in Włocławek.

One of the sponsors of the publication whose premiere is planned in Bydgoszcz on 28 August is ANWIL, which has supported the first league male basketball team of ANWIL Włocławek uninterruptedly since 1997. On the next day, Andrzej Pluta will present his book in Włocławek, with which he was closely connected for many years as a captain of ANWIL Włocławek.

“For me, it will be a sentimental end of summer holidays.Not only because my autobiography will be published, but also because of my return to Poland and Włocławek which is the second home for me”, says the player, who lives in Spain where he supervises early sport careers of his sons.​​


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