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Włocławek will be eco!



ANWIL joined the realization of a series of educational workshops, lectures, and events planned for 22 months thanks to which the Włocławek residents would have a chance to find out how to buy food wisely and not waste it, what the methods of giving a second life to used objects are as well as why it is worth sorting waste and how to do it. There will be a number of interesting undertakings of pro-environmental nature for the city residents, organised as part of a project prepared by the Centrum Edukacji Ekologicznej from Włocławek (Ecological Education Centre in Włocławek, WCEE) which is financially supported by ANWIL.

“Aktywny i ekologiczny włocławianin - szansą dla zrównoważonego rozwoju miasta” (Active and green Włocławek resident – a chance for the city sustainable development) is a title of an undertaking as part of which ANWIL and WCEE started a series of educational campaign that aims at raising ecological awareness of local community. The company have set an ambitious goal — convince the city residents, within 22 months (from 1 March 2018 to 31 December 2019) to pro-environmental activity undertaken even during every-day, mundane activities.

Beata Krupińska, Head of Security, Quality and Environment in ANWIL S.A. comments a decision on the implementation of the education project by the company: Each of us influences the environment in many ways, because we are a part of it. However, it up to us whether we will do it consciously and responsibly, acting for preserving the ecosystem for next generations.
In the context of an individual, the influence must come down to the statement: “Think globally, act locally” which refers to the responsibility we have for the future of our immediate environment. Therefore, another answer to the need for building the pro-ecological awareness in Włocławek – apart from the action “Tree for a bottle”, “Mr Carp stocks the Vistula river with fry” –  as well as an expression of our efforts for being a good neighbour for the local community is the implementation, in cooperation with WCEE, an educational project called “Active Włocławek resident...”.

The organisers invite residents of Włocławek – teachers, children and youth – as well as ANWIL workers to take part in the workshops, lectures and eco-survival attractions. There is a number of educational attractions prepared for the participants as part of which they will be familiarised with good practices in the scope of a sustainable consumption, waste sorting, protection of climate, water, natural resources as well as the quality of ecological and local food.

WCEE will conduct in total 120 workshops in schools located in the city; during the workshops, students will find out how to give a second life to used, needless objects, using for it a decoupage technique and they will take part in classes conducted in a mini-laboratory of water and air and will learn how to make a house in which they live more eco-friendly.

The originators of the project will organise workshops for teachers and city residents, as well. When taking part in them, the Włocławek residents will have a chance to find out how, in their everyday life, limit a negative influence to the environment, and, consequently, to make Włocławek even greener.

A detailed schedule of activities planned for the coming months will be published at the website: http://www.wcee.org.pl/1_77_aktywny-i-ekologiczny-wloclawianin.html


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