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Manufacturers and importers of substances introduced to the European Union in quantities greater than 1000 tonnes per annum (or, in specific cases, 100 tonnes per annum) have been called to register the substances at the European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki no later than by 30 November 2010 in order to receive permission for further operations regarding such substances past the above mentioned date.
Accepted documentation filed at the Agency is the basis for the provision of a suitable registration number.
Evaluation (according to Title VI of the REACH Regulation) of the documentation provided prior to 30 November 2010 will be complete by 30 November 2012.
The substance registration number should be provided to concerned parties of the supply chain of the given substance.
Regarding substances classified as hazardous, the manufacturers and importers must create a Chemical Safety Report in accordance with REACH Regulation Appendix I for quantities larger than 10 tonnes per annum. Such a report is part and parcel of registration documents and based on the data contained therein, the manufacturer (importer) must create an exposure scenario for various stages of the substance(s)’s life cycle.
Final registration of substances manufactured and/or introduced to the market by ANWIL S.A.

See Substances registered by ANWIL S.A. (doc)

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