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Safety Data Sheets
The Safety Data Sheet is understood as the documentation mentioned in article 31 of the REACH Regulation; it's form and content are specified in Regulation (EU) no. 453/2010.
The party providing the substance or mixture provides the substance or mixture together with the material safety data sheet when:
a) the substance or mixture fulfil the criteria for classifying them as hazardous in accordance with 67/548/EWG or 1999/45/WE directives; or
b) the substance is imperishable, displays bioaccumulative abilities and is toxic or highly imperishable, displays very strong bioaccumulative abilities according to criteria outlined in Appendix XIII; or
c) the substance was placed on the list of candidates for substances of very high concern drafted in accordance with article 59 of the REACH Regulation; or
d) the receiver will use it for mixture which does not meet the requirements for being classified as hazardous (in accordance with articles 5, 6, and 7 of the 1999/45/EU directive, but contains:
1) no less than 1% of mass fraction each in case of non-gas mixtures and no less than 0.2% volume in case of gas mixtures of substances hazardous to human health or the environment; or
2) no less than 0.1% of mass fraction each in case of non-gas mixtures displaying bioaccumulative abilities and are toxic, and imperishable or highly imperishable and display very high bioaccumulative abilities, in accordance with criteria set out in Appendix XIII, or is on the list drafted in accordance with art. 31 or
 3) a substance, whose maximum concentration in the work environment has been set out in the Union.
The Safety Data Sheet is the basic way of exchanging information in the supply chain.

ANWIL S.A. as a producer of substances and mixtures, was obliged to prepare a Safety Data Sheets for substances and mixtures according to the guidelines of Article. 31 of the REACH regulation, and to provide them to the customer down the supply chain:

The  Safety Data Sheet drafted in accordance with applicable regulations required by the Regulations shall contain exposure scenarios:

The Material Safety Data Sheet for substances and mixtures mixed, produced, and introduced to the market by ANWIL S.A.
The new approach to material data sheets and the stress on their significance in the communication process within the supply chain indirectly made them unavailable on the ANWIL S.A. website, at least in the first few weeks after 31 December 2010.
The initial forms are expected to change slightly after feedback from receivers/users, both in-house or external.

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