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ANWIL as a one of the most responsible companies in Poland


The Responsible Business Forum has appreciated eleven initiatives implemented by ANWIL last year for the benefit of local community, for protection of the environment and building relations with stakeholders, thanks to which activities of the company from Włocławek were described in the jubilee Report: Responsible business in Poland. Good practices.

The Responsible Business Forum, which is the oldest and largest non-governmental organisation in Poland dealing with a concept of Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects, has prepared, already for the 15th time, a publication on the most interesting CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects. Formal presentation of the jubilee edition of the Report: Responsible business in Poland. Good practices took place on 30th March in Warsaw.

ANWIL proposed as many as 11 good practices to the edition summarising enterprises’ activities in 2016, including 3 new and 8 long-term i.e. such which were described for the first time in the previous Report and are continued.

Each company, which was implementing the CSR practice in past twelve months, could propose it for publication of the Responsible Business Forum in one of seven areas, consistent with ISO 26000 standard - Governance, Work practices, Human rights, Environment, Fair operational practices, Consumer issues, Social involvement and development of local community. Afterwards, applications were verified and assessed by the Substantive Committee which took a final decision whether a particular initiative will be regarded as exemplary and ipso facto will be published in the annual summary or not. Experts from the Responsible Business Forum appreciated all the projects proposed by ANWIL and thus they were included in the Report.

New initiatives of the company from Włocławek, which were described in the publication are: implementation of the ANWIL’s Supplier Code of Conduct (document being a vade-mecum for cooperation with contracting parties), organisation of competitions on observance and promotion of OHS and fire protection rules for contractors of annual renovations taking place in the territory of the company as well as corporate volunteering program.  

The Report: Responsible business in Poland. Good practices is available both in a paper form and on-line: http://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Raport-Odpowiedzialny-biznes-w-Polsce-2016-Dobre-praktyki.pdf


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